Who is responsible for developing copy for my signs?

Our trained staff understands the requirements and can help guide you thru the process but ultimately you are the one that approves the final copy.


Why does it take so long to develop the copy?

Copy for interior signs and wayfinding can be quite complex. That is the reason for developing a sign/ message schedule. This document, once approved becomes a guide for producing each individual sign.


After my copy is approved, why does it take so long before my signs are ready?

Depending on the complexity of your sign design, there may be multiple production processes that need to be performed for each sign. These processes can not be started until after your copy has been approved.


Why do I need to furnish my logo artwork in a special format?

The format of the original logo art will dictate the quality of the results. We work to optimize the finished results. It is important because the final product leaves an impression on your company for years to come.
* Artwork Requirements